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Long Live LaFrance

LaFrance and his brothers was visiting with his father at his aunt house. His 10 years old brother gained access to a loaded gun. He didn't think it was real, picked it up and the accident happened.

LaFrance Johnson was a typical 12 year old boy with a sweet personality. He loved to read and write books, play video games, jump on the trampoline, play football, and eat his favorite snack (Oreo cookies). 

Teach Gun Saftey

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"Gun Locks Save Lives"

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Gun Locks

We pass out gun locks because we believe children are safer in homes where guns have locks on them. 

Children Lives Matter

LaFrance loved writing and reading books. To Honor hime we pass out children books.

Books Belong in Schools not Guns.


Oreo cookies were LaFrance favorite snack. So when ever you see our table you'll be able to enjoy it too.

Oreo Cookies 

Family Support

We understand the grief of losing a child to gun violence. If we can give anything else we can lend our time to support a grieving family.

Long Live Loved Ones!

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Outdoor Activity

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About Us 
Long Live LaFrance

Francine Strain, grandmother and founder of LongLiveLaFrance Non profit organization watched her family and other families try to cope with a tragic ordeal of losing a child by gun violence. Which has been happening at such a high rate. So she decided to turn their grief into action. Her family along with Major Ryan Cousins and the SLMPD (providing gun locks) decided to go to different neighborhoods and events of their own and other invited events setting up tables with gunlocks, children books, and Oreo cookies.

Hopefully with the non-profit foundation she can help assist families with their immediate needs according to the funds thats available. Also being able to purchase gunlocks , books and Oreo cookies if necessary.

Board Members

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Francine Strain
Founder, CEO
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Margie B. Williams
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Katrina Thomas
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Minister Shannon


Raise awareness around gun violence as it relates to children and the community.

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Increase firearm safety and responsible gun storage to protect the people you love. Teach gun safety in the schools. Regain trust in law enforcement and see gun laws change.

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Comedy Tickets

November 25, 2023 5pm-9pm

1330 Aubert Saint Louis, MO 63113

Comedy, Music, Jeopary Joe and More...

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Future Services

We would like to provide family support services that extend to grieving families while they processes losing their loved one. We know the task to bury and arrange funerals during this time is hard. Donations go towards making sure we can provide this service.

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St. Louis MO

Cash App: $longlivelafrance


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Long Live LaFrance

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